Communications Strategy involves more than boosting a social media post.

It means cutting through the clutter, reaching your audience, and communicating your message. Effectively, Efficiently. Consistently.

Developing a marketing and communications strategy is no longer optional for today’s small- and medium-sized businesses. It is core to survival. An effective strategy allows a company to thrive in a complex marketplace, yielding results, building a brand, and expanding market share. Without one, any business will wither and fail.

At Cloud10 Strategies, we work with business owners every day to develop plans built around their business, their goals, their market. Our methods have been proven to support business owners in achieving their goals. Here is how we are different.

Holistic Approach. We take the time to learn about your business, its products or services, your current customer base, and what your objectives are. We save you time and money by understanding your core business. This way we can take the guesswork out and hone in on the strategies and tactics that will generate the greatest success in a fiscally sound manner.

Explore Market Segments. Too many marketing consultants skip over market segmentation altogether. The focus these days is on “going digital” and the faster they can start putting ads up for your the better. So much focus is on the channel (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram) that little attention is paid to where your clients spend time and are most receptive to your ads. Even less is spent exploring messaging and how that will impact your success. We explore these things with you and look to identify tweaks to your existing marketing base as well as potential untapped potential.

Apply a Solution that Fits Your Goals. Sometimes you might want a full-on multi-channel approach integrating e-mail, mail, digital, and even phone. Many times a subset will work. Even if we are testing messages and responses for a single-channel campaign, we can find a solution that will fit your needs.

Priced to Work, Not to Spend. We can develop custom solutions because we don’t get a commission. We are not compensated based on how much money you spend on ads. We offer competitively priced consulting and management services with zero commission. And before you think we must charge exorbitant fees, we don’t! Our fees are on a sliding scale so even the smallest of operations can spend money on ads, not consultant fees.

We Follow Through. We not only help you design a strategy for engaging your market, but we can also help you implement. With digital and traditional marketing experts, we can help you execute your strategy, monitor your progress, and recommend adjustments based on the customized reports you get regularly. We actively manage digital campaigns for our clients, saving them money, and increasing the number of valuable leads to their site.

Where to Find Cloud10

Atlanta Business Owners Roundtable (ONLINE ONLY)

Our regular meetings will continue, but they will be online using zoom.

Atlanta Business Owners Roundtable (ONLINE ONLY)

Our regular meetings will continue, but they will be online using zoom.

Atlanta Business Owners Roundtable (ONLINE ONLY)

Our regular meetings will continue, but they will be online using zoom.

What our clients tell us

Thank you for your help in our strategic planning process last year. Your professionalism, wise counsel and ability to understand the minutia of our practice put us in a position to succeed in our new markets. We could not have done this without you and I’m so grateful we crossed paths.

- Thomas Freeman, Managing Partner, The Freeman Law Group

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